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Termly Overview  - Spring



Through the medium of fairytales, we are focussing on narrative writing in the first half term but we will be adding our own twists! 

It's Book Week in the second half term and Shakespeare week too...What better text to study than MacBeth? During this extended unit, we will write several pieces including a précis of the text and a balanced argument. 



This term we are working our magic with fractions. This includes decimal fractions and percentages. The children will learn how to add and subtract fractions, find equivalent fractions, order and compare fractions, convert fractions to their decimal and percentage equivalents as well as find fractions and percentages of amounts. Homework will consolidate in-class learning. 



Our science topic is 'Earth and Space'. By engaging in practical activities (inside and out), we will be learning about the planets in our solar system, the moon and the history of space travel. 



The French Revolution

The children will learn all about why the revolution began and how it came to an finale with the beheading of Robespierre and the end of The Reign of Terror!

The American Civil War

Abraham Lincoln wanted to end slavery - this was one of the main triggers for the American Civil War. We will explore the divide between North and South and discover how Lincoln managed to preserve a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”



Looking at terrain, map legends and contour lines, we will be exploring the Mighty Mountains of the world!