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Mr Frost, Mrs Murrells and Ms Streeting would like to welcome you to Year 3 and  the Dragonflies class page!

Dates for Your Diary


Friday 2nd March - World book dress up day


Welcome to Dragonfly Class


Mr Frost     Mrs Murrells     Ms Streeting


   Mr Frost - Class Teacher       Mrs Murrells - PTP and Class Teacher       Ms Streeting - ISA


Welcome to Dragonfly Class and our 'Under the Sea' themed classroom!

















Yearly Overview


In Year 3 a wide range of books and genres of writing will be covered. As a year we will have a look at features of different text styles, as well as learning to write in a particular style of writing. We will also focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar and making sure it is fluid in the children's writing. Reading will also be a core focus, looking at fluency of reading and decoding skills as well as emphasis and pronunciation. In Year 3 our common exception words are very important as well!



In Year 3 we will focus on maths topics learnt in Year 2, ensuring progression, as well as introducing new topics. The range of topics covered are: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, measure, time, perimeter and area, statistics, shape, and problem solving. There is also a huge focus on times tables and properties of number, allowing children to understand and recognise patterns in number. This year we focus on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. At Midfield we have adopted a maths mastery approach which ensures that children have mastered the topic before moving onto a new one. This is challenging but effective and allows secure knowledge of the topic being learnt.

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