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Edible Eco Garden

Summer July 2017 Garden in Bloom

Hampton Court Flower Show Children's visit 2017

Sally Scarecrow & Friends

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Midfield Primary School’s fantastic upcycled scarecrow & animals.

Grow on, Film It | Midfield Primary, Bromley | Snail on a Trail

A special mention to Midfield Primary's Snail on a Trail short film which only just missed out on the top two spots in our Grow On, Film It short film competition. In celebration of Food Growing Schools: London's #Growathon - the biggest school food growing challenge of the year - we ran a short film competition about planting, sowing, growing, gardening, harvesting and eating good food at school!

The Creation of our Edible Eco Garden


Most of you will now be aware of the construction of the picket fence in the area behind the staffroom and you may also have noticed the tree work that's been completed in that area.  The fence was partly sponsored by Coolings Nursery and the Managing Director, Gary Carvosso, volunteered himself and his team for two days free labour to construct the fence.  The tree work was done by contractor David Jones and Daniel Tanner-Hutchins, (put forward by the PSA) who confirmed that many of the branches were unsafe and likely to come down in heavy storms. Our sincere thanks to all involved in this initial phase of the project.


We aim to raise money for the development of our new Edible Eco Garden through events, grants and sponsorship. We would especially like to thank the Midfield Parent School Association (PSA) for their generous donation of £1,000 which has contributed significantly to the cost of the tree-work and fencing.
It's an ambitious project! We are aiming to raise £15,000 - the total estimated cost being around £30,000.  However, it is a project for the whole school and hopefully for our children's families and the local community to become involved with as it develops. Each class will have the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables to cook and eat - it's planned that there'll be an outside eating area incorporated in the garden such as a Pizza oven or Bar-b-q - and to attract birds/bugs/bees to the garden.  It will also have the potential to link in with subjects in the curriculum such as Science, Art, PSHE, Maths, Literacy and History.


The display in front of the Main Hall is linked in with the Edible Eco Garden and will inform everyone about the progress of fundraising efforts towards the on-going costs of the garden - there's a sunflower 'Totometer' next to the display which we'll update as funds are raised. We would like to extend huge thanks to Amy Pinotti, her team and the children of Midfield Den who contributed significantly to the display.


Preparing for our first Harvest


The Edible Eco Garden started taking shape in Spring, when Mr Le Conte, in consultation with Ali our chef, Mrs Wedderburn and our other garden gurus cut the turf for the various different fruit and vegetable beds. Each class was allocated a different bed and a particular vegetable or fruit to grow - peas, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, strawberries and beans. 


With plenty of sun, rain and constant watering and weeding from the children, the plants have thrived and now are starting to produce tasty food that we can eat. Dragonflies class were the first to harvest their crop of peas. Each child popped their pods and snacked on the sweet, delicious peas inside - they were 'fresh as the moment when the pod went POP!'.


The garden has been in constant use across the curriculum e.g. Year 5  wrote leaflets of Top Tips for Gardeners on how to care for their vegetables and Year 3 measured the beds and calculated the perimeter.

Any ideas, volunteers, expertise, inspiration, perspiration and sheer hard labour are very, very welcome - please let Mr Le Conte, Assistant Head or Ms Wedderburn, P.I.T. Stop, know



Jack and the Beanstalk's Edible Eco Garden

Coolings Nursery 'A - Team'

Autumn 2016 Update


The garden is shaping up nicely after a bountiful Summer of vegetable growing!  The beds have all been raised and under the guidance of Jane Wiseman from Coolings Nursery,  daffodil bulbs have been planted along the picket fence and in the playground planters, to make a beautiful show to greet Spring Term 2017. 


Fundraising events have included our Table Top Sale, Raffles, Celebrity Charity Football match, school choir, grants from the Chislehurst Society and Chislehurst Rotary Club totalling £9,850. Most recently our amazing team of staff and parents ran the Poppy Half-marathon at Bexhill-on-Sea in November under gruelling weather conditions of rain and high winds and raised an incredible total of £2,276!  This will fund waterproofs for KS2 to use in all their Outdoor Learning activities.  Congratulations to all who trained and ran the race and a huge 'Thank you' for such a generous gift to the school, which will benefit so many of our Midfield children.