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This term we have written character descriptions, setting descriptions, retold parts of a story and written postcards to our parents and carers.  One book we particularly enjoyed was 'We're going on a Bear Hunt.'  We acted out parts of the story first before writing a description of the setting.  Here we are acting out parts of the story using  'Freeze Frames'. 
Picture 1 The deep dark cave
Picture 2 The oozy mud
Picture 3 'We're not afraid!'
Picture 4 The deep, cold river
Picture 5 A whirling, twirling snow storm

Next we dressed up as characters from different stories. Then we acted out what they were doing after reading a simple sentence. We worked together to identify the verbs in our simple sentences and then we changed the verb to make up new sentences.

We continued to learn about verbs and played ‘Simon Says’. Then we watched a video about making Gingerbread men and wrote down and discussed all the verbs we could hear. After that we decorated our own Gingerbread men and again spoke about verbs.