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Meet the Governors

Midfield Primary School Governors 2015

“Governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to the school and the education of its children. They contribute to the day to day running of the school and have an input into the achievement of its pupils”.

                                                                                           - Department for Education


Welcome to the Governors’ section of the Midfield website. Its aim is to provide information on the role of the governing body and to help you to become more familiar with all the governors.


Who are the Midfield Governors?



Mrs Linda Sokoloff



Amanda Hughes



Lisa Elliott


Timothy Cross

  Theresa Mebitaghan




Cllr Judi Ellis



Staff Governors:

Gulcin Sesli



Nicola Long


Karen Kick



Clerk to Governors:

Kathy Lewis

Accounting Officer

Gulcin Sesli




What do school governors do?

  • Manage the school’s budget
  • Provide support and challenges to the Head Teacher and management team, drawing on their knowledge and experience
  • Promote the highest possible standards of education and ensure continuous school improvement
  • Set targets for pupil achievement
  • Write and monitor the school’s policies and development plans
  • Participate in the appointment of staff
  • Deal with complaints and appeals
  • Fulfil duties placed on governing bodies by the Department for Education.

Although governors meet regularly as a group, there are also three sub-groups of the main body who manage different aspects of the school.  A summary of the responsibilities of each of these committees should provide a clearer idea of the day-to-day issues that governors are responsible for:


Teaching and Learning Committee

  • Progress against attainment targets
  • Assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Marking
  • Homework
  • Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)
  • Sports Premium
  • Personal, Health, Social and Citizenship Education (PHSCE)

Pupil Support Committee

  • Equal Opportunities and Inclusion
  • Child Protection
  • Attendance
  • Special Educational Needs  
  • Pupil Premium
  • Food
  • Behaviour/ PIT Stop

Resources Committee

  • Estates (buildings, land etc)
  • Finance
  • Staff conduct and working practice
  • Sickness/Absence
  • Performance Management
  • Pay
  • Health and Safety

The Governing body comprises a range of individuals who offer a wide variety of skills gained as a parent, in their working life or in the community.

Some governors are appointed to represent parents, some represent the local community and others are part of the school or the education authority.  The main reasons for becoming a governor can be summarised as follows:

  • To make a difference to how well the school is run;
  • To see their own skills and efforts help raise standards;
  • To make a positive contribution to the school life of the children;
  • To serve the local community.


Governor Profiles

One of the main aims of the governing body is to make the governors better known to parents and others who have a stake in the life and wellbeing of the school.  These ‘pen pictures’ have been written by the governors themselves and should help everyone get to know the governors a little more.  


Allocation of Class Governors

Each September every governor is allocated a new class to become more closely involved with. Governors will spend a half day visiting their class and in doing so will gain a greater insight into what happens during a typical school day.   


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Mrs. Sokoloff has been a governor at Midfield since 2004 and is now delighted to be Chair of Trustees.   During her governorship at Midfield, she has seen many changes and has taken great pleasure in supporting the school in its journey to Ofsted’s “Good School” status. As a retired Head Teacher, Mrs. Sokoloff is interested in all aspects of school life.  Before becoming a teacher, she worked as a bank clerk and a laboratory technician.  She has two adult children and three grandchildren.  As well as babysitting, she enjoys going to the theatre to see plays, ballet and opera.  Foreign travel is also high on her agenda.


Mrs Hughes is privileged to be our Vice Chairman to the Governing Body.

She has a lifelong passion for education and began her teaching career in Plumstead, South East London too many years ago to admit! Most recently she has been Head of an ‘outstanding’ early years setting and has thoroughly enjoyed her visits to the Nursery and Reception at Midfield.

She now looks after her lovely new grandson and cares for her elderly mother whilst keeping up to date with current educational changes by teaching part time. When time allows she can be found head down over a sewing machine making bunting, cushion covers and all things creative.



Mrs Ellis has been a local Councillor for Cray Valley West for 8 years and serves on the Education and Care Services Policy Development & Scrutiny Committees. Her special interests are special educational needs, corporate parenting and adults with learning difficulties. She has 2 grown up children and 4 grandchildren who attend local schools and keep her on her toes.



Mrs. Kick joined the school in 2014 as Early Years Foundation Stage Leader from an academy in Croydon where she was Year One leader for two schools. She has a passion for working within Early years and has enjoyed the opportunity to update the outdoor learning area.  She was delighted to work with colleagues to develop Forest School and believes that children should be exposed to the ‘great outdoors’ as much as possible. In addition to her role in Early Years she is the curriculum leader for Geography (an interest she has maintained long after taking her degree). When not working, Mrs. Kick likes to walk (particularly by the sea), and enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her two adult daughters and her cat. 





Mrs Theresa Mebitaghan is a trained Architect involved in several building constructions. She now lives locally and has her own business that allows her work around her two kids who are pupils of Midfield Primary School. Theresa is passionate about learning in every aspect of life and enjoys imparting as much knowledge as she can to those around her. She also loves refurbishing and renovating run-down, dilapidated buildings. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, travelling and writing articles for journals.


Picture 1
Mrs Long is a teaching assistant on the Midfield Primary School staff. She is currently studying for a teaching qualification. Mrs Long is passionate about the opportunities afforded to each child and ensuring that all children are supported to ensure that they become the best that they can be.