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As a Parent Council we want the best for our children; we need your input to make a positive change that benefits the children and families of Midfield Primary School. We are encouraging the school to be more of a hub for out of school activities to be used by Midfield pupils and their families. The Parent Council will give you an opportunity to voice your opinion and make a positive contribution to your children’s future.

A message from one of our Parent Council.


"It was an absolute delight spending time with the children during lunch time. In particular, watching how they interact with one another and thier table manners developing. Their behaviour was also very impressive! They communicated freely with the teachers and seemed to enjoy their food. We too enjoyed our meal - spaghetti and meatballs. It was nicely made, not overwhelming and the desert of chocolate pudding was delicious. We were very reassured to see that our children eat well and are comfortable enough to speak to their teachers during lunch time if they have any difficulties using cutlery or moving things around.


Midfield is definitely providing an enjoyable lunch time experience for the children."

Picture 1 Ms Burnett
Picture 2 Mr Daramola
Picture 3 Mrs Kolapo
Picture 4 Mr Sharman
Picture 5 Mrs Sarfraz
Picture 6 Ms Morris

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