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School Day

The School Day

The school gates are opened at 8.40am and children are able to enter the classrooms from this time. Parents are unable to enter classrooms unless an appointment has been made with the teacher. Messages to teachers can be given to senior members of staff in the playground at the start of the school day. The Headteacher, Deputy Head and Assistant Heads are available on the gate for a brief chat first thing in the morning.  All the children have a properly supervised mid-morning playtime, and a lunch hour. Children are collected from the playgrounds at the end of the day. We must have written permission from the parent if children are allowed to walk home on their own. If a child is collected by another adult, we expect parents to inform the school either in writing or by phoning the school office as early as possible.  Parents of children attending after school clubs must confirm by whom their children are to be collected.


8.50                   School day begins

8.55                   Registration

9.00                    Mathematics lesson

10.00                  KS1 playtime

10.00                  KS2 Handwriting/Spelling

10.15                   KS2 playtime

10.15                   KS1 Handwriting/Spelling

10.35                    English lesson

11.30                    Third lesson

12.00 – 12.50        EYFS/KS1 Lunchtime

12.15 – 1.05          KS2 Lunchtime

12.50/1.05             Afternoon lesson begins

2.35 – 2.45            KS1 playtime

2.50 – 3.10            Assembly

3.15/3.20               End of school day