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School Safety

This January we had a Safety around the School all week. The children had special assembly and the children designed posters to help us remember how to be safe. Two children from each class were picked to show their posters in the assembly, their posters were chosen because they had great ideas and designs. Please see the children's posters below.
Picture 1 By Michael
Picture 2 By Crystal
Picture 3 By Millie
Picture 4 By Callum
Picture 5 By Daisy
Picture 6
Picture 7 By Joe -Rabbits Class
Picture 8 By Grasshoppers
Picture 9 By Grasshoppers
Picture 10 By Grasshoppers
Picture 11 By Michelle - Foxes Class
Picture 12 By Tylar - Owls Class
Picture 13 By Reuben - Owls Class
Picture 14 By Estelle - Foxes Class
Picture 15 By Ellie - Ladybirds Class
Picture 16 By Hannah - Ladybirds Class