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Silver Servers & Diners

Midfield's Silver Servers and Silver Diners


Autumn Term 2015 saw the launch of our exciting new initiative - our Silver Servers Social Skills groups involving Year 6 and Year 5.  These children wrote letters of application for for a position on our Waiter/Waitress teams and were interviewed by Mrs Sesli and Ms Wedderburn.  All candidates were successful!


Year 5 is divided into four teams, each of  which offers its voluntary service to the Midfield community in the Lunch Dining Hall once a month.  The older children assist the Early Years and Key Stage 1 children in cutting up food, pouring drinks, escorting them to the table, mopping up spills and accompanying them to the toilet.  Their reward is usually a treat from our Chef Ali! 


Our Year 6 Silver Servers volunteer once a month to host a lunch for some elderly ladies from the Cotmandene Community Centre. In addition to waiting at their table, some of the Year 6 children act as Ambassadors and join our Silver Diners for Lunch.  This has created a strong link with our local community and has proved to be a popular and well-received initiative which we hope will continue to run indefinitely.