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Hedgehogs Science Week 2019

Hedgehogs have had a fantastic Science Week! On Monday we buddied up with Reception to conduct our Happy Nappy Experiment. We found out that that there are little crystals in nappies that absorb wee and liquids. We cut the padding out of the nappy and transferred all of the crystals to the cup. Once we had found our crystals we mixed them with blue water. We came up with some fantastic predictions about what might happen. Look to see the result.

Hedgehogs are studying Rocks in their Science topic this term. For Science week we went outside in the dreary weather and looked at different layers of soil. We then planted some potatoes in Eco-Garden with Mrs Kimber. We have kept some potatoes in class so that we can look at the development of growth over the next couple of weeks.

  • soil 3

    soil 3.jpg
    soil 3
  • soil 2

    soil 2.jpg
    soil 2
  • soil 1

    soil 1.jpg
    soil 1
  • Buddy science 3

    Buddy science 3.jpg
    Buddy science 3
  • Buddy science 2

    Buddy science 2.jpg
    Buddy science 2
  • Buddy Science

    Buddy Science.jpg
    Buddy Science