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Midfield's Annual Sleepover

Year 2's Annual Year 2 Sleepover at Midfield

On Friday 25th May, Year 2 had their annual sleepover at Midfield Primary School.  Children played games before heading off to the Celtic Hut.  Here children sang songs around a bonfire and roasted marshmallows under the watchful eye of the teachers.  Children then listened out for nocturnal animals before heading back to the hall for a warming hot chocolate.  The eventful evening ended off with a movie, but most children were asleep before the movie had reached the half way mark!  

A big thank you to Ms Clark, Ms Horn and Ms Broadbridge for sorting out the admin side and orders of the evening.

A big thank you to Mrs Viljoen, Mr Viljoen, Mr Frost, Mr Koziol, Ms Wedderburn, Ms Heselden, Ms Janzen and Ms Boost for hosting the event.