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Ambassador Meetings

Autumn 1 

Areas Discussed:

-What is cyber bullying?

-How can we talk about our concerns at school?

- What does being unique mean?

Actions and Impact:

-This term, teachers to talk to their classes about cyber bullying and the importance of staying safe online.

- Each class to do a circle time about respect and celebrate people’s differences


Autumn 2

Areas discussed

· Success of Odd Socks Day

· Contribution to the school newsletter

 Actions and Impact:

· Introduce more "themed" days for the whole school - promotes anti-bullying.

· Contribute to the newsletter - include quotes about mindfulness and well-being.



Spring 1

Areas discussed:

- Look at and change/add to the information on the school website about anti-bullying and PSHE.

- Jigsaw PSHE

Actions and Impact:

· Update school website - more information available for parents and children on bullying.

- Ensure classes are having a PSHE lesson every week and report back to the committee about what they have learnt.