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Attendance Case Studies

Child A was referred initially for poor attendance. He is under 5. Parent was invited to attend a meeting in November 2015. The parent attended and concerns were raised over name calling. The parent informed the school of her concerns and this was investigated. Attendance targets were set, agreed and monitored closely. Attendance improved from 80% to 82.22% A review meeting was set in December 2014. Parent attended and improvement to Child A’s attendance was discussed. Improvements continued and after 6 weeks monitoring with no further absences the case was closed.

Pupil B was referred to EWO in October 2015, when the attendance of the pupil was only 76.2%. EWO invited the parent to attend a meeting in school to discuss the reasons for the absences and any concerns the parent may have. An Attendance Improvement plan was instigated and targets were agreed and signed by the parent and EWO. The attendance was closely monitored by the EWO. A review meeting was held 4 weeks later and the Improvement Plan re-examined. New targets were set, agreed and signed. The EWO continued to monitor the attendance. The attendance improved significantly to over 90%. The EWO handed the case back to the school in January 2016 for the school to continue to monitor.

Child C was referred to our EWO for poor attendance and punctuality. It transpired that the child spent part of his week with a different parent, which impacted on punctuality on specific days. Both parents attended a meeting held in October 2014. Targets were set and agreed. Both parents agreed to a review meeting after 4 weeks monitoring in November. Review meeting held and attendance improved significantly from 85.19% to 90.43. Case has now been closed.