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Be the Best You Can Be:

We believe that it is important to 'stretch your brain'.  We don't say, 'We can't do it!'  Instead, we say 'We can't do it YET!'  In Ladybirds we know that mistakes help us learn.  To help us on our learning journey, Kat McVicar visited our school to talk about overcoming obstacles to be the best that you can be.

A bit more about Kat McVicar:

'Hi! My name is Kat McVicar. I’m a 28 year old swimming teacher and I like to run marathons for fun.... thing is I have effectively got a disability which is supposed to land me in a wheelchair by the time I’m 35. I have what is known as ‘extreme hyper mobility’ which affects just about every joint in my body. It’s extremely painful 24/7 and causing my limbs/joints to be very lax. This doesn’t however show physically but also internally with my connective tissues. I have got a hernia and also regularly having IBS like symptoms. My right hip also is very shallow so the ball of my hip doesn’t like to sit in place and often dislocates for no reason. 

This got really bad once I hit puberty. Until this point I was extremely active getting to Kent level swimming and just being an all round Tom-boy. I ran/swam/cycled/played football/netball/rounders - just constantly on the move (bit like I am now). I had to very quickly give everything up and so by the age of 18 I was in agony just walking the 250m from my house to the bus stop at the end of the road. I was told at this point I’d be likely in a wheelchair by my 35th. 

To cut a very long story short I 1 day woke up and decided if that would be the outcome then why should I just stop everything with no life experiences and so I started a bucket list. On this list I had ‘run a parkrun’... at the very bottom I had ‘Run London marathon’... I’d never known anyone to get in in less than 5 tries to I thought I’d get the ball rolling... Little did I know I’d get in 1st time around - London 2015. I was then told in the Jan that I’d need an ‘emergency knee op’ (still not had it to this day!!)

I’ve also managed to drop 5.5st during this time. Going from over 16st to just over 10.5st

marathon count:
2015 - 2
2016 - 44 (+1)
2017 - 125
2018.... TBA
As of 10/4/18 I have done 210 (+1) to date. 
These also include 5 full ironmans (2.4mi Swim/112mi bike/26.2mi run) and a month ago I did my first 100miler 

UK - fastest any 100 marathons (230 days) -
also should be a WR
UK - most amount for a female in a calendar year (125)
UK - most amount for a female in a rolling 365 days (141/142)

Next planned records:
youngest to achieve 250 
youngest to get on the World Rankings list (300+)
most sets of 10in10s in a year (6 planned)
run more than 165 in a year - to beat the current Guinness World Record which is held by a suspected cheater. 

Also whilst all of this is going on my father who was diagnosed in with Early onset Alzheimer’s at 58yrs old. He is now 63 years old and in the very final stages of the disease. He is my main source of mental strength.'