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Indoor Athletics Competition

Park Langley School for Boys was the venue on 18th January, 2018, for an inter-school athletic competition. A group of twelve Year Five children, boys and girls, attended with Mrs Adams and Mrs Broadbridge, as first aid.

Upon arrival the children were split into boys and girl’s teams and taken to their first event. The boys started with indoor long, high and standing jumps, chest presses and ball skills. Rene Kuopo achieved a first in the standing jump, one of many individual performances where Midfield children showed skill and great potential for the future, should any of them wish to pursue a career in athletics! Joe Morris proved that his ball skills are not just confined to his feet with a great performance in the basketball bounce!

Meanwhile, the girls, were first up with the relay races. Each member of the team put in a spirited performance, surprising even themselves with the times they achieved. Estelle Mbueko, Nana Appah, Ruby Kitterhing and Natasha Cable put in a brave performance on the final race coming in 3rd out of eight teams. Dilara Massaro with team mate, Natasha, showed great tenacity when completing the longest of all the relays, the pilauf. Although they didn’t win, both girls were pleased with their individual performances.

The boys took up the gauntlet with the running element after the girls. Great performances from Alfie Penny, Tise………… contributed to Midfield’s respectable position of four out of eight teams. Nana Appah proved that she isn’t just a force to be reckoned with in the classroom, with a stand out performance in the chest press.

Although Midfield didn’t come out as winners, they showed many of the qualities expected from those that participate in competitive sports: determination, tenacity, respect, spirit and most of all, the desire to do their best; to be the best they can be.

Well done to all those who took part.

Team: Nana Appah, Ruby Kitterhing, Dilara Massaro, Estelle Mbueko, Natasha Cable, Megan Harwood, Nathan Cross, Tise Odunukan, Vilmos Heger Bikavi, Alfie Penny, Joe Morris, Rene Kuopo