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Key focus children

All staff in our Nursery Class fully implement the ‘key worker’ approach to support each child and their family throughout their time in our setting.

Your child’s key worker will ensure they are supported on a day to day basis and aims to develop a bond with your child and help them to feel safe, protected and cherished while they are away from home. The key worker will take a lead in ensuring your child is making progress across all areas of learning in the Foundation Stage curriculum, using a ‘focus child’ system of regular assessments.

Each child will be a ‘focus child’ once in the Autumn Term and once in the Spring Term. The week before your child is a focus child you will receive a ‘parent consultation’ sheet. This consultation sheet gives you an opportunity to share with us any significant events happening in your child’s life at that time, and also to ask anything you would like to know about your child’s progress and development in Nursery.

  • During your child’s focus week, all staff will observe and interact with them in their pursuits, and any identified ‘teachable moments’ (as mentioned above) are recorded on a ‘learning journey’. Their key worker is responsible for ensuring a thorough learning journey is completed by the end of the week. On completion of your child’s focus week you will receive a copy of your child’s learning journey and will be invited to attend a Parent Consultation meeting the following week to discuss your child’s progress.
  • Running alongside this will be your child’s Next Steps sheet which will be completed by the end of the first half term and reviewed termly. You will be able to look at your child’s Next Step sheet whenever you wish to review their progress.
  • Mrs Wilkinson will offer you the opportunity to meet with her in the second Summer Term for an additional Parent Consultation if you would like one and all children receive a full report at the end of the year.