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Learning & Curriculum in Reception

Termly Overview  - Autumn 

This term our themes are All About Me and Space. 

We will be learning: To use talk to tell others about significant events in our lives and to talk about our own personal histories.  To talk about changes in the environment e.g. how the leaves on the trees are changing.  To talk about healthy foods. Discuss different festivals such as Diwali, Harvest Festival and Christmas.

You could support your child by: Looking at photos of your child when they were first born and talking about how he/she has changed. Ask questions to older relatives about what life was like when they were young. Encourage healthy eating at home. Go on a nature walk and look at the different trees.

We will be learning: To name basic colours and exploring mixing colours. Drawing and painting self-portraits. We will be learning to talk about different shades of colour in our environment and in pictures. Also, we will be learning many new songs and nursery rhymes. Learning to cop and play our own rhythms. 

You could support your child by: Sorting objects by colour and matching colour names to objects. Experimenting with paints. Encourage your child to make favourite items using junk modelling.

We will be learning:  The rules of the classroom and the school. To develop listening skills and how to sustain attention. To develop confidence to speak in the environment. To develop the ability to take turns, share and solve conflicts.

You could support your child by:  Playing games together whereby your child is encouraged to wait and take turns. Discuss what they have done at school each day and any new friends they have made.

You can find more curriculum information on the Learning Excellence page of the website. 


Each term we will deliver Read, Write Inc, starting with the whole-class Strong Start programme. Later, we will split in smaller reading groups which will challenge every child appropriately. Children will work each day to focus on their reading and writing. You can help them by sharing reading each night and practising their letter sounds, e.g. looking at signs when you are out and about in your environment. .

Click here to download the rhymes that we use to support letter formation.

Our Reading corners are a place where children can curl up and lose themselves in a book or transport themselves to exciting new worlds. We love to celebrate our Reading Role Models - our amazing mums, dads, grannies and grandpas, aunties and uncles, brothers and sisters and friends who have supported and inspired our love of books.


We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning to carefully plan our mathematics curriculum for our children. For more information about the scheme please click here: