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Learning and Curriculum in Nursery

Our theme for this Autumn 1 Term is 'Somewhere over the rainbow'

This will place an emphasis on colour. It will look at how colour makes up part of who we are, how it represents our emotions, the changes that happen during the seasons and the results of colour mixing! . Each week we will investigate each of these topics and implement it across all 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum.

We look forward to hearing the children's exciting ideas and observing their interests, which will further inform our in the moment planning.


 This term we are introducing our set 1 sounds and will deliver Read, Write Inc as a whole class. We will also be introducing the children to letters and sounds activities in key worker groups. Children will be introduced to a new sound daily whilst developing their pre-phonics skills by exploring environmental sounds,  musical instruments, body percussion, rhythm and rhyme, voice sounds and alliteration.

Please see Read, Write, Inc set 1 sounds below:   


This term our maths focus will be on number strings  to 10, categorising objects, naming some common 2d shapes and counting with 1:1 correspondence.                             Image result for five fingers

Don't forget you can also keep up to date with your child's progress and what's going on via ClassDojo.