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Learning in Tree House

Here you can find 2022-2023 Learning Map for Tree House. The learning has been planned so that opportunities of cross curricula learning can be taken advantage of.  

We put the children's interests and needs at the centre of the learning we plan.  We aim to support all children in attaining their EHCP Outcomes and any other priorities that emerge. 

Alongside the Learning Map we publish Knowledge Organisers for each term.  The knowledge organisers give families a better understanding of the learning that will be taking place in each curriculum area. 

The learning is differentiated according to each child's needs and abilities; children will all access the learning differently at a level that is best suited to their current attainment level. 

Throughout the year the children will have PLP's.  The Personal Learning Plans are tailor made between home and school in order to identify the children's individual next steps they need to take to support their progress towards skills that will; 

  • support their independence
  • improve their personal care
  • build on essential foundations for learning

The next steps will also be planned to ensure children are working towards attaining the desired Outcomes that have been identified in their EHCP.  

The curriculum is complimented by our Speech & Language Therapist and Therapist Assistant.  Children receive either 1:1 therapy or group therapy, dependent on their speech, language and communication needs.  The programmes designed by the SALT continue to be ran throughout the week by our well trained support team. 


How we Learn

Children are organised into three groups within Tree House.  The children learn in the group that is best suited to their needs and learning style.  We believe that children learn best when learning is child centred and is led by a professional who is an expert in the subject.  Therefore, the teachers within Tree House teach ALL of the children in the provision throughout the week in their groups.  Each teacher has their own expert knowledge, as well a broad knowledge of the curriculum.  By teaching in their areas of expertise children are receiving 'quality first' teaching.  

Our 'non subject specific' learners (children who aren't yet attaining objectives within the National Curriculum) receive communication and language rich experiences, designed to improve attention and engagement.  They are planned to develop the pre-exquisite skills and knowledge the children need for access the National Curriculum.  It is important that all children are able to effectively communicate and have a firm foundation of skills and knowledge that will support them in life and when learning.