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Learning in Year 3

Summer Term 


In Year 3 a wide range of books and genres of writing will be covered. In Summer Term we will begin with the book 'Oranges in No Man's Land'.  This is a story of ten-year-old Ayesha has been living in the bomb-ravaged city of Beirut with her granny and her two younger brothers. The city has been torn in half by civil war and a desolate, dangerous no man's land divides the two sides. When Granny falls desperately ill, Ayesha sets off on a terrifying journey to reach a doctor living in enemy territory. We will then move onto Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf which is a is a 2013 graphic novel, written by David Almond and illustrated by David McKean. It is about three children who create animals from inanimate objects. Our final story English text is the Village that Vanished.  Young Abikanile and all of the villagers of Yao feel safe hidden deep within the African jungle. But word has come that the slavers are on their way! Abikanile looks to her mother and her grandmother for strength and guidance. These two brave women come up with a plan to fool the slavers and protect their tribe.


In the Summer Term we will continue our topic on fractions before moving onto Time.  We will also look at Geometry: Properties of Shape before finally moving onto Mass and Capacity.  


In Summer 1 we will recap on the topic of light, before moving onto our next topic - plants.


In Summer 1 our focus will be on Geography: Tourism.  

In Summer 2 we will then move onto History: The Romans.

Art & DT

Our first topic for Summer 1 is DT: Kite Making.  In Summer 2  our next topic will be Art: Sculpture.


In Summer 1 we will be learning about Sikhism: Sharing and Community.  Then in Summer 2 we will be learning about Hinduism focusing on the importance of the River Ganges.