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Learning in Year 3

Autumn Term 


In Year 3 a wide range of books and genres of writing will be covered. Our first book we will study this term is the BFG by Roald Dahl.  Our book in Term 2 will be Leon and the Place Between.  As a year group we will have a look at features of different text styles, as well as learning to write in a particular style of writing. We will also focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar and making sure it is fluid in the children's writing. Reading will also be a core focus, looking at fluency of reading and decoding skills as well as emphasis and pronunciation. In Year 3 our common exception words are very important as well!



In Year 3 we will focus on maths topics learnt in Year 2, ensuring progression, as well as introducing new topics. The range of topics covered are: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, measure, time, perimeter and area, statistics, shape, and problem solving. There is also a huge focus on times tables and properties of number, allowing children to understand and recognise patterns in number. This year we focus on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. At Midfield we have adopted a maths mastery approach which ensures that children have mastered the topic before moving onto a new one. This is challenging but effective and allows secure knowledge of the topic being learnt.  Our first maths topics for the Autumn term is Place Value and then Addition and Subtraction.  We will kick Term 2 off with Multiplication and Division.


Our Autumn term topic is Animals, including humans.  The focus will be on the function of the skeleton, as well as nutrition.  In Term 2 our topic is Forces and Magnets.


In the first term, we will be looking Coasts in Geography - focusing on erosion and deposition.  

In term two, we will cover History - The Shang Dynasty.

Art & DT

To challenge ourselves in Art and DT this year, we plan to undertake exciting project linked to other curriculum areas like building drawing pictures in the style of Quentin Blake and modelling Diva Lamps from air drying clay. We will look at the structure of models, how to use tools accurately and how to use colour to create an atmosphere.  In term 2 year three will begin their unit on Colour Mixing.


The religion we are studying this term is Hinduism. We will be studying beliefs, practices and ways of life and the values and commitments of Hindus around the world.  In term 2 year three will cover Christianity.