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Learning in Year 4

Autumn Term


In Year 4 a wide range of books and genres of writing will be covered. As a year we will have a look at features of different text styles, as well as learning to write in a particular style of writing. We will also focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar and making sure it is fluid in the children's writing. Reading will also be a core focus, looking at fluency of reading and decoding skills as well as emphasis and pronunciation. This term we are reading about the origins of the common pebble for some creative and non-chronological writing in Pebble in my Pocket.



In year 4 the range of topics covered are: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, measure, time, perimeter and area, statistics, shape, and problem-solving. There is also a huge focus on times tables and properties of number, allowing children to understand and recognise patterns in number. This year we focus on our 6,  7 and 9 times tables with a view to be confident in all timestables. At Midfield we have adopted a maths mastery approach which ensures that children have mastered the topic before moving onto a new one. This is challenging but effective and allows secure knowledge of the topic being learnt.



This term, we will be looking at Sound. During this topic we will conduct lots of fun experiments to see how sound travels. We will also look at sound waves and what they mean. In science, we will learn about how the ear works and how sounds are created.




This term we are exploring Ancient Greece – a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world

Children study this period now because it occurs at the same time as their last topic, allowing them to make connections to events happening at the same time but in different places in the world. They will also consider the impact that the Greeks had on life today to further understand its significance in history.



Drawing - this term we are learning to  use tools & techniques for drawing and explore effects, so that we can express our ideas, observations and feelings with increasing proficiency!