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Learning in Year 5

Year 5 - Autumn 1


In the first few week of the term, we will be looking at the Michael Morpurgo version of 'Beowulf'. We will explore it's underlying themes, language, characters and plot. We will focus on experiential learning and fully immerse the children in the story. 


This term we will be deepening our understanding of Place Value, comparing and ordering larger numbers into the millions. We will then progress on to addition and subtraction skills, rounding and problem solving with addition and subtraction.


This term, we will learn all about Earth and Space; specifically focussing our our solar system, the relative movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon and the causes of night and day and the seasons. 


Our topic for this term is 'Mountains'. We will be exploring the formation of mountain ranges, their impact on human life, weather systems and climates. In addition, we will be using atlases and maps to locate, describe and compare mountain landscapes across the world. 


This term, we will be learning about the practices, culture, history and beliefs of the Hindu faith. We will also be comparing the beliefs to those of our own and other faiths.