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Learning in Year 5

Year 5 - Spring


During our first term, the children will go undercover, become fully immersed in Anthony Horowitz's 'Stormbreaker'. This spy thriller will undoubtedly grip the children, as we complete spy training, design our own gadgets, and write news reports. 

In the second term, we will explore the issue of ocean pollution reading Carl  Hiaasen's 'Flush'. We will complete digital information booklets on chosen country, and the impact that pollution is having on it, along with narratives and dialogues.


In Spring we cover how to recognise, order, add, subtract and multiplying fractions using concrete manipulative, pictorial representations and abstract methods. We alo understand how to convert fractions into equivalent percentages and decimals.  In the next term, we will explore decimals further, understanding how to round them, add them, and divide whole numbers by decimals. 


In science, we will learn about materials and their properties, identifying how to separate materials based on their properties. We will also be observing how some materials react and classifying these reactions into groups. 

In the second half term, we will explore living things and their habitats, looking at life cycles.


The children will explore natural resources and the impact it has on the environment. The children will look at the distribution of resources globally, and how trade impacts development and prosperity. We will also examine how global warming is influencing these links. 


The American revolution had huge global impacts on the globe. We will explore the events, the causes and the impacts this conflict has had. 


The children will look at Brahman in Hinduism, exploring deep philosophical questions. 


We will explore, tennis, swimming and dance this term.