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Learning in Year 5

Summer Term 1


In the first few week of the term, we will be looking at the Alfred Noyes poem, The Highwayman'. Last term we were lucky enough to visit 'The Keeping Gallery' in Bromley. Charles Keeping was responsible for some of the most famous illustrations for the poem. We will be breaking down the text and examining the rich descriptive language contained within, in addition to taking advantage of the better weather to engage in some related outdoor learning. 


This term we will be deepening our understanding of Decimals and Percentages. Following the mastery approach, we will be using physical manipulatives and pictorial representations to support our learning of ordering and rounding decimals and calculating percentages.


This term, we will learn all about Living things and their habitats.. Over the unit, children will learn about:

  • Life cycles of animals, insects, plants and amphibians
  • Explore local habitats
  • How animals are suited to and thrive in their habitats


The Victorians  is our topic this term and the children will:

  • Explore the Monarchy as it led up to the Victorian era
  • Make comparisons between life now and life in the era
  • Learn about the the industrial revolution and the Great Exhibition of 1851
  • Explore daily life for Victorian school children


Environment and Resources s our topic this term and the children will have the chance to:

  • Examine the effect humans have on the environment around us
  • Look at the concept of climate change
  • Calculate their own carbon footprint
  • Look at renewable energy sources
  • Examine the idea of sustainability


We will be exploring Judaism this term.