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Learning in Year 5

Summer Term


We will be studying this uniquely engaging storybook, full of ominous words and detailed images. It will form the centre of the first 3 weeks of summer term, inspiring two pieces of independent story writing which are bound to be the children’s best ever!


From narratives to non-fiction…As part of Puzzle Wood Project, we will be researching and writing about different plants and animals from our local environment. In the process, the children will practise their report writing and instructional writing skills. Some of the finished writing might even be displayed in the garden itself!


During Summer term, we will cover several geometry topics such as properties of shapes, angles, and position & direction, moving on to Measurement in the second half of the term. We hope to take a lot of our learning outside!


This term, we will learn all about Forces. Forces are pretty clever – they hold things together and push them apart and make things move or stop. Did you know, you are held onto the earth by the force of gravity? May the Force be with you!


The single greatest disaster that affected Irish history - the terrible tragedy of the Irish Famine – is our topic for this term. The children will discover the causes of the famine, its effect on the people, and how this relates to modern famines in the world today.


It’s all about us! We’re focusing on our local area, studying the human and physical features and their impact.


Looking at The 5 Pillars, Muslim places of worship, and key Muslim festivals – we are studying Islam.


Creating expressive pieces for our Puzzle Wood Project will allow us to complete a unit of work known as Snazzy Sculptures!