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Learning in Year 6

Summer Term


This term we are focussing our lessons on the grammar elements of writing in order to prepare for the end of Key Stage Assessments. Lessons will be engaging and interactive, which will maximise learning whilst still having fun!


We are continuing to follow the Math Mastery Program of work, however lessons this term will be more revision focussed, revisiting concepts that are familiar to the children in a way which will embed their knowledge and understanding of maths whilst building confidence.


Our topic for this term is 'The History of Modern Music'. The children will learn about different genres of music, famous musicians and how music influences popular culture such as fashion. We are planning an immersion day where the children will have the opportunity to dress up and experience the culture associated with music throught the ages.


Mr Harwood has some exciting projects lined up for Y6 this year including a Dragon's Den proposal  and a Multi-Media project.

Art & DT

To challenge ourselves in Art and DT this term, we plan to undertake exciting projects linked to other curriculum areas like building the set for our Y6 performance - watch this space!


The religion we are studying this term is Islam where we will explore the beliefs, culture and history of the Islamic faith.


Light is this term's topic. The children will build on the work studied in Y3, working scientifically to explore the way that light behaves including light sources, reflection and shadows. 


This term's topic is populations, where we will explore how types of settlement, land use, and economic activity have affected the environment locally and globally.