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Learning in Year 6

Spring Term



A devastatingly powerful, intense tale of love, Goodnight Mister Tom is an award-winning novel about a boy who goes to live with a lonely man during the London Blitz. It is riveting, complex, and an emotional blockbuster of a novel. Hopefully, the children will be laughing, crying, and unable to put it down and in the end, they will be moved by the deep bond between Mr. Tom and Willie. We hope the story might inspire further reading and research about World War II as this is our History topic for the term.


Continuing to follow the maths mastery scheme of work, we are moving on to fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio. Children work with concrete resources to help with their understanding, progressing the pictorial representation and then abstract questions. Throughout the year, we will particularly focus on reasoning skills - this will help us to be better mathematical thinkers. 


Having learned about World War One in the Autumn term, this term, we will move on to World War Two, linking our English Text with the topic will help to consolidate learning. This is always a popular topic amongst Year 6 children, and the current Year 6 are looking forward to it with vigour!


Our focus this term is Japan. We will study population distribution, physical & human features, weather patterns, and cultural aspects of our chosen country.


This term is all about that really important aspect of children's online learning: how to stay safe online. They will cover objective such as making decisions about what they trust online, using their knowledge and experience to judge trustworthiness, thinking critically, and recognising ways they might be persuaded online.

Art & DT

Printing is our topic this term! We will be designing prints and combining them to make patterns with a particular focus on symmetry. We will also use IT to design, discuss and evaluate our work. 



The religion we are studying this term is Christianity. Our lessons are wide-reaching and thought-provoking, asking questions such as ‘Is anything every eternal?’


In Science, our topic is Evolution and Inheritance. This topic will get children thinking about characteristics that are passed from one generation to the next and how species have adapted to suit their environments, going on to explain the process of natural selection. Once again, we will link this topic to our English unit, leading to deeper understanding and exploration of concepts.