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Learning in Year 6

Autumn Term


What could be more engaging to a class of 10-year-olds than a book about a boy who leads an ordinary, mundane life until - on his 11th birthday - he discovers that he's a wizard?  Inspired by this extraordinary tale, the class will be writing formal letters of acceptance to Hogwarts, persuasive pieces about an imagined new house at Hogwarts, newspaper articles about the mysterious break-in at Gringotts Bank and more...encompassing all the Year 6 writing objectives along the way!



Keeping in line with the rest of the school and following the Math Mastery Program of work, the term will start with Place Value (including negative numbers and rounding) then move on to the deeper thinking linked to the four operations. We will particularly focus on reasoning skills - this will help us to be better mathematical thinkers.


History will start after the half term break. Initially, we will be studying the engaging topic of World War 1. I know lots of the children are looking forward to this topic and so are we!


Our focus this term is on Japan. We will study population distribution, physical and human features, weather patterns and cultural aspects of our chosen country.


Mr Harwood has some exciting projects lined up for Y6 this year including a Dragon's Den proposal and a Multi-Media project.

Art & DT

To challenge ourselves in Art and DT this year, we plan to undertake exciting project linked to other curriculum areas like building Diagon Alley from boxes and making mandrakes from air drying clay. We will look at the structure of models, how to use tools accurately and how to use colour to create an atmosphere.


The religion we are studying this term is Islam. We will be studying beliefs, practices and ways of life and the values and commitments of Muslims around the world.


In Science, our topic is Animals, Including Humans and we will be learning all about the circulatory system and how it works. We will study a real heart and maybe even get to touch one if we want to!