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Learning in Year 6

Autumn 2 Term


Our first text this half term, The Viewer, is an unusual book about a boy who finds a curious box on a rubbish dump. Inside are many treasures but the one that intrigues him most is a Viewmaster toy. With Tristan, we discover that The Viewer holds many secrets. This thought-provoking picture book has an ending steeped in mystery! The second of our writing inspirations is The Piano, which is an emotional short story told without words. It links well to our WW1 topic in history.


Keeping in line with the rest of the school and following the Math Mastery Program of work, the term will start with properties of number (prime numbers, multiples, factors, squares and cubes). This will create a base before moving on to fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio. We will particularly focus on reasoning skills - this will help us to be better mathematical thinkers.


We will be studying the engaging topic of the World Wars, starting with World War I. Children will learn about the political situation that led to the break out of the war and about what life was like for soldiers in the trenches. I know lots of the children are looking forward to this topic and so are we!


Mr Harwood has some exciting projects lined up for Y6 this year including a Dragon's Den proposal and a Multi-Media project.

Art & DT

This term’s topic is Colour Mixing. As well as mixing different shades, tones, and tertiary colours, we will also learn how artists use colour and how we can use colour to create an atmosphere.


The religion we are studying this term is Christianity. We will explore the role of Mary and her significance to Christians.


In Science, our topic is Electricity. Children revise simple circuits then gain lots of hands on experience with symbols, diagrams and incomplete circuits. They investigate the effect of the length of wire in a circuit, compare series and parallel circuits and finally face some circuit challenges!