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Spanish MFL

Hola amigos y amigas! Bienvenidos a la Sección Español.


This is our fifth year of Spanish at Midfield Primary School, and pupils have shown consolidated progress on it.

Remember it is all about Escucha, Piensa and Aprende! 

At Midfield Primary School we approach MFL with a holistic perspective that supports the rest of the National Curriculum. We aim to provide children with a deeper understanding of how language works. MFL provides an excellent opportunity to identify and reflect about their own language, identify patterns, compare and contrast similarities and differences. With a ludic outlook based on songs, games, videos MFL is a window for pupils to celebrate diversity where all contributions are welcome. 

Modern Foreign Languages is delivered by a specialist teacher which allows to consistently create links in between other curricular areas as Mathematics, Geography, Science, etc.  Lessons are a favourable time to construct a spiral curriculum where pupils make meaning of their previous learning and extend it in a new context.


Would you like to play some juegos? 

Remember you can always play a Unit Related juego Click aqua:

User: learnspanish and the same password.  

Click on the class section on the right, you will find resources to extend what has been taught in the lesson  as well as some videos and photos on what we have been doing so far. 

Accordion content


Have a look at the BBC website for Spanish Primary which is Fabuloso ! 

Remember: Listen, Think and Learn! Escucha, Piensa, Aprende! 


   Magnifico, Magnifico Muy Bien!