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Autumn 1

Areas Discussed and Impact

Events Throughout the year

  • Children suggested that posters are put up to ensure that most children remember to bring in food items for the foodbank during the Harvest Festival.
  • Children in Need: the general consensus was that Christmas Jumper Day remains a firm favourite and should remain as it is
  • Children in Need: It was suggested that children design a bear.  Entrance was decided at 50p.  For a pound, children could wear either something spotty or something yellow.
  • Sports Relief: It was suggested that the Charity group liaise with Outdoor Learning and Sports Council and arrange something in line of a mini-sports day.

Supporting the PTA at Midfield

  • Decided that it might be best to ask the PTA in which the Charity council could support them.
  • Children allowed to wear trainers and an item of red to school

Autumn 2

Areas Discussed:

  • Events that have passed: Children in Need
  • Supporting Living On
  • Supporting our PTA

Actions and Impact

  • Posters to be made and put up around the school to remind children of fundraising events that are taking place.
  • Charity discussed the possibility of asking for donations after the EYFS, KS 1, Lower KS 2 and Upper KS 2 nativity / panto productions.
  • The last day of term seems like the ideal time to have a festive dress down day.  All donations will go to the PTA.

Spring 1

Areas discussed:

Past Events: Our fundraising campaign for Living On was successful and will be repeated again at next year's end of year productions.  Living On is a charity, consisting out of volunteers, that works closely with Bromley Primary Schools to help children and family work through the bereavement process.  

Dress down day to raise funds for the PTA was also successful and will be repeated again in the future.

Upcoming events:  Sports Relief

Actions and Impact:

1. To liaise with Sports Leaders to discuss ideas for fundraising activities for Sports Relief.

2.  Charity voice to remember to raise the profile of their fundraising campaigns by designing, publishing and putting posters advertising the activities.