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Autumn 1

Areas Discussed and Impact

Events Throughout the year

  • Children suggested that posters are put up to ensure that most children remember to bring in food items for the foodbank during the Harvest Festival.
  • Children in Need (13.11.2020): It was suggested that classes design a bear mascot.  Entrance was decided at 50p.  For a pound, children could wear either something spotty or something yellow.
  • Save the Children: the general consensus was that Christmas Jumper Day (11.12.2020) remains a firm favourite and should remain as it is.  Children suggested that Christmas hats are made in class.

Supporting the PTA at Midfield

  • Decided that it might be best to ask the PTA in which the Charity council could support them.
  • Currently an own clothes day for 23.10.2020 was suggested.