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Autumn 1

Areas Discussed:

  • How can we encourage more sports at school?
  • How can we reach our Gold certificate for sports?
  • What would you like to see more of in school?

Actions and Impact

  • On the PE board have more information about sporting achievement.
  • To have more inter-school competitions. 
  • To develop a cheerleading squad to support teams in competitions.
  • To contribute to the newsletter/blog half termly reporting on sport.


Autumn 2

Review of previous meetings.

  • Inter-school competition 
  • Intra-school competition 
  • Cheer leading chant 
  • Contributions to the newspaper/blog


  • Resources
  • Blog
  • Updating Sports Board 
  • Promote OPAL for YSG website 

Actions and Impact

  • Complete an audit of the resources 
  • Organise the resources in the cupboards (including pumping up balls)
  • To keep going with the blog with Miss Fisk
  • On the sports board putting; what’s On; Football fixtures and updates; Individual and team achievements (with photos); photos of school teams
  • Photos to be taken of OPAL to put on youth games website to reach our Gold medal

Spring 1

Review of previous meetings.

  • PE audit discussed. 
  • PE board was discussed.

Actions and Impact

  • The PE cupboards have been emptied and sorted to see what we have and have not got. The children also helped to pump up more balls.
  • The PE board is currently being updated with children success stories and other things that have happened to do with sport.
  • Miss Fisk and Miss Parrott will be planning a inner school competition.