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Autumn 1 2020

Areas discussed:

  • How have new Covid-19 safety measures impact break and lunch times?
  • How frequently are children learning outdoors?
  • What resources would be useful when learning outdoors?

Actions and Impacts:

  • Children enjoy break times and like that lunch times are on a rota so all children get a chance to use the field and the playgrounds. 
  • Children find the equipment given at break times limiting, as it is the same every day. Children miss OPAL play. 
  • A new order of outdoor learning resources will be placed, inspired by the children's ideas.
  • Children are enjoying the amount of outdoor learning they are doing. 

Spring 2

Areas discussed:

  • What are children's opinions of the new break time and lunch times?
  • How frequently are real life experiences used to inspire writing

Actions and Impact:

  • Children enjoyed the new break times as there are fewer children on the playground.
  • Some children would like to change when they have lunch, as the Year 6s are always last. 
  • More support will be offered to teachers on how to incorporate experiential learning within learning.

Autumn 2

Areas discussed:

  • How can break time be made more enjoyable for KS2?
  • What can be done to improve the activities at lunch time?
  • How frequently are children learning outdoors?


Actions and Impact:

  • ​KS2 break to be split to reduce crowding and allow more space for games.
  • Lunch timetable to be reviewed and altered, again to reduce crowding and increase availability of equipment.
  • More support offered to teachers on how to embed outdoor learning into the curriculum.