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Autumn 1

Areas Discussed:

* Dot - to Dot litter pick - how do we encourage more people to attend?

* Recycling at our school - how can we get better recycling facilities

* Mrs Wedderburn and Eco Squad made a tour of  all the outdoor areas of the school to identify areas for improvement

*Area below Dining Hall balcony, adjacent to EYFS gate needs a clean up and could be made better by planting some trees.


* All children in classes to write an invitation to their parents for the dot-to-dot litter pick Sunday 6th October 2019.  Posters/word-of-mouth/Dojos/Newsletter/ Assembly

* Eco squad, together with the Junior Cray Forum, to lead a petition to Bromley Council for free recycling facilities for schools.  The petition will be available for people to sign at the Nugent Centre on the day of the Dot-to-Dot Litter Pick 

*EYFS Forest School area - Ashdown base camp - needs a new log   circle - Mrs Weddburn to ask Mr Andrew  Harby, Manager of Scadbury Park, for logs. 

* Puzzlewood Forest School base camp needs major clearance and new log circle - parent/children weekend working party to be considered 

Autumn 2

Areas Discussed:

* How can we reduce the use of single use plastic in our school?

* How can we improve the school's energy consumption?

* The free recycling for schools petition - how are we doing?


*Continue to push the petition and deliver to Bromley Mayor 

* Work to improve the school's recycling - composting/no single-use plastic to be used by school dinners provider 

* Campaign for turning lights off in the classroom

Spring 1

Areas Discussed:

* The group spoke with the Head of Olive (out catering company) about the single use plastic pots for yogurt/fruit/jelly at lunch time - they have been replaced with reusable plastic pots - a great win for the Eco club!

* The group would like to meet more regularly 

* Local litter problem - particularly bad on Grovelands Road and outside the schools gates,

* There is a need for more composting at school; apples/bananas/cores etc


*The group will now meet every other week with Mrs Wedderburn  

* Wednesday break time litter squad to litter pick by the school gates and top of Grovelands Road  

* The group will use recycled plastics from school to create a peice of artwork for display