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Midfield Bees

Thanks to the generosity of the Enthuse project and The Royal Society, Midfield has been able to set up our very own apiary, which supports our commitment to improving our local environment. The bees were chosen because they are calm and non-aggressive, as well as being excellent pollinators. We have been working with an experienced bee-keeper, Mike Wright, to install and maintain our first two hives on the school grounds. 

We want to maximise the learning opportunities with the bees, and have a successful Bee Club, which meets weekly to look after the bees and to enrich our environment for them.

After building the enclosure and personalising the hives, the children in Bee Club have worked hard to plant three wildlife meadows with different species of plants and different growing conditions so that we could undertake a scientific study, supporting our observation over time skills, on the most effective habitats for our pollinators.

The bees have settled in well and have produced a large quantity of honey. Every child had the opportunity to design a label for the honey, and a winner was chosen.

The honey was potted up by Bee Club, and sold on Parents' Evening. It was hugely popular, and we sold out in no time! 



The Bee project research is funded by a grant from the Royal Society, and we need to give them regular updates as to how we are progressing. See below for more details: