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PE Quotes

PE makes me happy because I get to stretch my legs out.

Darcy, Year 1 Owls

I like the games that we play in PE because they are fun and I get to learn new things.

Alex, Year 1 Owls

I enjoy the morning runs as it wakes us up, ready for a day of learning.

Lola, Year 3 Dragonflies

I think we should do at least an hour of exercise a day. It is important because it helps us to stay healthy and for some children it might be the only chance they get to do activities. I  am really enjoying the new sports we are learning to play!

Lee Friend, Year 4 Squirrels

I like that we have the opportunity to do swimming at school as it is one of my favourite sports. 

Rosie, Year 5 Robins

PE at Midfield is always fun! I have learnt lots of new skills over the years that I have been here. I really look forward to my PE lessons and what I am going to learn next.

Ellie, Year 6 Badgers