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PE Quotes

“I love running around outside, it’s so fun. We get lots of stuff out to play and learn with.”

Jessica Probets, Year 1 Ladybirds

“If we didn’t do PE I would be sad because we couldn’t do all the activities. My favourite thing is tennis because I am getting better at it.”
Jimmy Jordan, Year 2 Rabbits

“Sport wakes us up so we are ready to learn. I like it the most because it is hard! It’s the only lesson where I lose my breath!”
Ziona, Year 3 Dragonflies


“I think we should do at least hour of exercise a day. It is important because it helps us to stay healthy and for some children it might be the only chance they get to do activities. The best thing is all the different lessons we do – they’re never the same!”
Tirion Prentice, Year 4 Squirrels

“I get to try new sports in PE lessons and improve in them. I like the fact that our teachers and PTPs get involved. It’s also my time to stand out!”
Natasha Cable, Year 5 Woodpeckers

“PE gives people the opportunity and confidence to get involved when sometimes they don’t in the classroom. I feel proud when I score a goal or achieve or something and especially when I represent Midfield. We have lots of opportunities to compete against other schools. Everyone is given the same chances and teachers recognise children’s efforts. I don’t have a favourite lesson because there is too much variety!”
Callum Lewis, Year 6 Badgers