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Pupil Voice

We value the thoughts and opinions of all our children and therefore have such a wide range of Pupil Voice groups within our school. The children who represent their peers in these groups ensure that the views of the children have a clear forum and in this way they can help to shape the direction of the school. Most groups meet at least once every half term and in some cases meet up more regularly if they are working on a project.

The children for these groups are selected in a variety of ways; sometimes they are voted for by their peers, while other times they are selected by their teachers. The starting points for new cohorts of ‘reps’ is staggered throughout the year and sometimes there is an overlap of old and new. Most children stay in post for a year, although this can be slightly longer if the children are still working on a specific project.

The key groups are listed below with the adults in school who are the contact point for them. Further details of the current projects that they are undertaking, along with the minutes from their latest meetings, can be found on the Pupil Voice board outside the hall.

Learning Council – Mrs Barton and Mrs Simpson

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – Mrs Jenkins and Miss Fisk

Charity Group – Mrs Viljoen and Miss Young

Sustainability and Eco Squad – Mr LeConte and Mrs Spicer

Art Council - Miss Smith

OPAL - Mr Koziol

Sports Leaders and Health - Mrs Adams, Miss Fellowes and Mrs Lewis