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What we do in school to keep your children safe

Our main priority is to keep your child safe and healthy so that they can learn effectively and enjoy their school experiences.

Safeguarding means ensuring:

  • the health and safety of all children
  • making sure that the adults who work at the school are CRB checked
  • protecting children from deliberate harm
  • being proactive against bullying and racist behaviour
  • protecting our children from harassment and discrimination
  • a positive approach to behaviour management including the use of physical intervention, safely, when necessary
  • meeting the needs of children with medical conditions
  • providing first aid
  • children are protected from drug and substance abuse
  • children enjoy safe educational visits
  • children’s personal and medical needs are met in an appropriate way
  • children are safe when using the internet and making sure they are aware of cyber bullying.
  • our school site is secure and safe
  • we ‘listen’ to children
  • pupils know who to go in school if they have a problem


All external doors and gates have access controls or locks. This is to ensure that no-one can get into school without speaking to a member of the office team. All staff members have identity badges and visitors are asked to wear a sticker when they sign in at the school office. Anyone seen in school without identification will be challenged as to the purpose of their visit. CCTV cameras around the school ensure we can see who is in the grounds.

DBS Checks

Anyone who works with children requires an enhanced DBS check. All staff and regular volunteers undergo an enhanced DBS check before they can work with children in the school or on visits etc. Temporary staff and contractors are checked in accordance with nationally agreed procedures. Child Protection procedures have changed at a national level recently so DBSchecks are not always required if volunteers are with children in a supervised situation i.e. another BDScleared adult is present, so you may find that you will be able to help without a check for a one off school visit etc.

Child Protection

All our staff have regular child protection training where they are told what to do if they have a concern. If you have a concern about a child then please talk to Mrs Sesli, Miss Taffs or Mrs Crook who are responsible for Safeguarding. Child protection concerns may have to be shared with other professionals. The school has a clear Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy which can be viewed on our website or you can obtain a paper copy from the school office. If you have a concern about a member of staff you should discuss it with Mrs Sesli or Miss Taffs.

First Aid

We have a large number of staff trained as paediatric first aiders and a number of staff who have completed a full two day fully certified First Aid Training Course.

Social Media

Be aware of social media and how your children use it. Facebook is not to be used by children under 13.

Travelling to and from School

There are no official guidelines about how old children should be to walk to school on their own however we would prefer this only to be considered for children in Year 5 and 6. At this time the children are developing their independence and some are ready for this level of trust. This decision will be made by their parents or guardian who will know their child well enough to know whether they are ready, as they prepare their child for secondary school. If your child walks to school on his/her own we would ask you to consider a few things. Do they know how to be safe? Do they know how to cross the road, who to talk to, who not to talk to and where to go if they are worried? We also ask you to inform the school office that you allow your child to walk to or from school.


Midfield has an anti-bullying policy which is available on our school website. We cannot say that bullying will never occur but we will do our best to resolve any incidents and ensure the children know who to talk to and where to find help. If you have any concerns about bullying please talk to your child’s teacher or any member of the Senior Leadership Team – Mrs Sesli (Headteacher), Mr Sharp (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs Barton (Assistant Headteacher) and Mr Le Conte (Assistant Headteacher). Our Family Worker, Mrs Crook, may also be able to help.

For More Information

This is a brief overview of how we ensure your child is safe, if you feel we could do more or you want to know more please get in touch at or telephone 0208 300 61 61.