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Safety group Meetings

Autumn 1

Areas Discussed:

  • What aspects of safety do we need to consider day-to-day?
  • How can we ensure children are kept safe online (E-safety)?
  • How can we ensure children are kept safe to and from school (Road safety)?

Actions and Impact

  • Design posters to raise awareness to children and adults the importance of road safety when travelling to and from school.
  • Take a walk to entrances of school/roads, to identify any areas we can make even safer when children are arriving or leaving school.

Autumn 2

Areas discussed:

  • Road safety - how can we keep the roads safe around school?
  • How can we keep safe in the winter?
  • What aspects of safety are most important to you?

Actions and Impact:

  • Collated ideas for top tips for road safety in winter.
  • Ideas to go into school newspaper.

Spring 1

Areas discussed:

  • Reflection on school newspaper article - Road safety in winter.
  • Upcoming E-Safety assembly - What to include?
  • How can we ensure all children in our school are kept safe online?

Actions and Impact:

  • Collected ideas for E-Safety assembly.
  • Will meet again prior to upcoming assembly.