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Science Week: Monday 11th – Friday 15th March

Fizz Pop Science Week assembly - Mon 4th March 2019

We enjoyed a whole-school assembly on Monday 4th March which got the children talking about science and prepared them for our Science Week the following week. Fizz Pop Science, who presented the assembly, sent home letters for anyone who might like to sign up for a charged Science Club we are hosting in the Summer term, after Easter.

TriScience Quiz - Monday 11th March 2019

This year, as part of Science Week, Midfield hosted our first ever TriScience Quiz (title heavily influenced by Harry Potters’ TriWizard Cup!). This was a shared event with Midfield, Leesons and St Mary Cray, each fielding one team of 6 children.

The quiz was in the Hall in school time on the afternoon of Monday 11th March to launch the week. Each school fielded a team of 6 children – 2 children from Yr3, Yr4 and Yr5. There was a panel of judges (the Science Leads from the three schools) and a quiz show host, Mr Monaco. 

Congratulations to Team Midfield (Sami G, Alley A, Holly S, Samuel R, Justin C and Bradley P), from Years 3 for coming a very respectable second place. We all had fun showcasing our science knowledge in three rounds:

Round 1 was ‘Under the microscope’, where we had a go at identifying different microscope images (different images from the ones  in our Science Week competition). 

Round 2 was ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’, with multiple choice questions about different topics in our science curriculum. Our team did amazingly well in this round with a million-pound winning 15 questions correct.

Round 3 was a quick-fire, fingers on buzzers round called ‘You’re the boss’, where the children came up with their own questions to challenge their year group in the two other schools (i.e. Yr 3 children from Midfield got up on stage to ask the Yr3 children from St Mary Cray and Leesons a question that they had written from the work they had covered in class this year). The children really came up with challenging questions and there was a lot of deep thought and discussion that went into answering e.g.

Yr 3 question: What is Mary Anning famous for?

Yr 4 question: How does sound travel?/How fast does sound travel?

Yr 5 question: Which animal has the longest gestation?

A.   Whale, B.    Rhino, C.    Elephant, D.   Giraffe

Well done also to the teams from St Mary Cray school and especially Leesons Primary, who walked off with the trophy, although every participant got a certificate to take home.

Buddy Science experiment - Every class was paired with another year group (see table below). They got together to conduct a joint science experiment with the older children helping their younger buddy.


Year 3

Year 1

Year 4

Year 2

Year 5

Year 6


Pop-up Science - During Science Week, we have a daily-changing Pop-up Science Station in the main Entrance Hall.

1. Magnetic money - magnets

2. Everybody needs Somebody -the human body

3. Ear gongs - sound vibrations

4. Does air weight anything? - Density

5. Let there be Light - electrical circuits

Under the Microscope competition - Each class got a sheet of cryptic microscopic images to hand out, an answer sheet and a PowerPoint that introduced the competition. Although the microscopic pictures do have correct answers, certificates were awarded for interesting and creative ideas too. One certificate each for EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2. 

Check out the Photo gallery to for photos of these exciting events.