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Spelling - 

At Midfield we use a variety of strategies to learning spellings.  Teachers pick up on frequently misspelled words from the previous week.  This is then practised during week using a variety of strategies, including Read Write Inc spelling games. 

Session One - Information check

Children practice spelling 88 red words (common words with unusual spellings) using techniques such as mnemonics, raps, words-in -words and ‘naughty letters’.

Homophones are also introduced at the start of each unit.

Session Two - Dot, dash and count

Children are taught the alternative spelling for the same sound in single and multi-syllable words.

Sesssion Three - Write the root

Children are taught the impact of suffixes on key root words. 

Session Four - Word Fill

Children practise spelling the homophones in the context of sentences. 

Session Five - Circle the right one

Children select the correct spelling form other incorrect spellings of the same word, and begin to assess their knowledge of words learnt so far.  

Session Six - Four-in- a-row game

Partners take turns in assessing each other’s knowledge of the week’s words. 

Session Six - Dictation

Partner’s asses each other’s spelling knowledge using dictation sentences.  

Session Eight - Spelling Log

Children identify the words they would like to review in subsequent weeks.