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Step 1

Social Story 

You can access the social story "My New School" here.  Due to the file size you have to access the PDF from this link. 
Please share the social story often with your child so they can begin to know the physical environment that will be their new school.  You can either share it directly from this link or, if you are able to, print it out so they can access it independently at home. 


Here you can watch a video that introduces the children to the physical environment.  It is about 15 minutes long! So you may wish to watch it in small sessions. 
We have gone into great detail to support our learners with their sensory processing differences.  Having the opportunity to explore the setting in great detail via video in their safe environment at home should support them with their sensory processing when they come to visit.  Having prior visual knowledge of the setting will support them in processing the other sensory stimulus. 
As we are preparing to return under 'social distancing' guidelines we have limited the video to the areas of the school we will be using at this time.  


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