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Transition into Tree House

It is really important that the children's first experiences of Tree House are always positive.  We tailor a transition to plan to each individual child's needs.  

Transition Objective

Children joining Tree House, at Midfield Primary, will have a successful transition into the Tree House family. 

The Desired Outcome

Children will be excited, happy, confident and will feel safe coming into the setting. 
As a consequence of the above being achieved children will want their independence from their families.

We will achieve this by: 

  • Creating an effective two-way communication system with families 
  • Preparing children for their first encounters of the setting through video and social stories 
  • Building the foundations of strong relationships between the children & their families and the Tree House Team
  • Collating information that is important from the families about the children 
  • Having conversations with other professionals who work(ed) with the children 
  • Preparing the environment to suit each child’s needs; communication systems, physical space, procedures, systems

The most important thing we will do to ensure we achieve a successful transition is to take as much time as the child needs.  Although we plan a ‘skeleton’ of steps for transition into the setting, we try not to tie definite deadlines and timescales to them.  Ultimately we want every encounter the children have with the setting to be positive; they must always feel safe when they visit.  

Below you can download more information on our "Transition Steps" and  the "Transition Checklist".