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Useful Science Web Links

Please do let us know if you find any other great sites to add to this list (or if you find any that no longer work). Enjoy!

Please click on one of the headings below to access the links to the websites:

General Resources

The Science Museum in London

  • The Educators section has loads of free online games and practical investigations that you can do using things you can find around the house.

Woodlands Homework Help

  • Try the many Science links in our Homework section. We have several website links, on different pages, for each topic.

Interactive Activities

Interactive science games for 5-7 years and above

  • Interactive materials for primary science divided into each year group linked to the curriculum

Active Science Body Builder

  • Interactive online game

Active Science – Human and animal habitats

  • Interactive online game


  • A range of interactive games about habitats

Pond Life

  • Informational print-outs of many pond life creatures. Great resource for key stages 1 and 2.

Science Structures

  • Learn about scale and structure with eight great activities designed for the primary classroom.


  • A Learning Centre for Young Astronomer.