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Useful information to support learning

  • Phonics: Use your phonics (sounding out) to read the real words and the alien (made up) words. Remember to 1. find the special friends and 2. sound out the word if you need to.
  • History: The Ice Age: Interesting information, fascinating facts, did-you-knows, images and videos about The Ice Age.
  • Seasonal Change - KS1: Learning about Seasonal Change
  • Geography: Using a Compass: Small Bitesize videos to support primary geography learning about Spatial Sense.
  • Computing: Illustrate your own picture: Compare the similarities and differences when creating illustrations using pen and paper to using the computer.

More Educational Games:

Links - please click to open

  • Bitesize - Can you call it 'BBC Bitesize - fun activites and games. Have fun and learn at home.'