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You Said... We Did...

Thank you for helping us with your suggestions on how we can continually look to improve the education we offer at Midfield. Feedback is always welcome. Below are some of the things that families have said to us and how we have tried to address any issues.

“Midfield has always exceeded our expectations. It is an amazing school with amazing staff. Small criticism – communication”.

We did: Class Dojo across the school and fortnightly newsletters.  

“Brilliant school - my children are very happy here. We would however like more feedback on progress and information for improvement”.

We did: Termly Ladder reports and an open door policy at the end of the school day.

“I work full-time and don’t collect my child after school. I don’t get a chance to ask how my child is getting on. A note in the book bag would be nice on his progress every now and then”.

We did: Messages through Class Dojo to let you know about achievements.  Messages in home reading record books. 

“…….. has settled well at this school. She is very happy with her teacher and class. She loves the school set up and knows what she will be doing in her day”.

Midfield offers clear routines and structure. 

“ …….has made excellent progress since attending this school. She is very proud of her school and talks enthusiastically about her experiences. The school has valuable facilities to offer such as Forest School which is a great experience for children”.

Midfield is leading the way in Outdoor Learning and Forest School with each year group having access to this unique learning.  Research shows that learning outdoors improves children’s mental well-being, collaboration and social skills; therefore, improving life chances. 

“Thank you to all staff for their hard work and caring nature”.

Thank you to our fantastic children and families…. the important ingredients which makes Midfield special.  Great team-work!!

“I would find it helpful to have examples even once a month of what they have been learning in class so that I can carry on this at home. But all in all I think staff do a fantastic job and my son is really happy and learning everyday”.

We did: More information about class work with examples on class pages and through Class Dojo to keep you up to date with current learning.

“After school activities and forest club needs an improvement as feels repetitive and basic”.

We did: We have reviewed all after school activities and now offer an even wider range of activities to suit all children and ages.  Don’t forget they change termly. 

“This school’s TAs and teachers in the Tree House have always been supportive, caring and encouraging towards my son. Also consistent in school and home communication. My son has done amazingly and I am very happy with his progress”. 

At Midfield our teachers and TAs work extremely hard for all children and are just Simply the Best.   

“Teachers should be reviewing/correcting homework when pupils return them”.

We did: All homework is reviewed and celebrated. 

“I am happy with the progress of my child but I’m a bit concerned about homework because it is always the same. I expect more interesting homework like research on a certain topic, comprehension, and word maths problems”.

We did: The topic of homework always creates mixed responses. Many parents stated that they wanted English and Maths homework for their children.  Hopefully, we are now getting the correct balance with more creative projects as well as comprehensions and maths problems. 

“My son has ASD and the school has adequate provision in place to cater for my child’s needs. His progress is beyond our expectations and we couldn’t have asked for a better school”.

This is why Midfield is truly a Growth Mindset School.   

“My daughter wanted to answer all questions as ‘strongly agree’. She is very happy at Midfield”.

Great news!